Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bowtech Insanity limbs

After a lot of pushing from some friends that shoot competitors bows (you know who you are), I decided I needed to write about a problem that I had with my new Bowtech Insanity.
After a few weeks of shooting the bow I started hearing a "creak" when I drew the bow. I kept thinking that it was in the rest and it would work itself out. Well, I was wrong, it got worse. So I had another guy listen and it was actually coming from the limb and sounded like it was in the limb pocket. So I left my bow at my proshop and they got in touch with Bowtech. The support at Bowtech had them go through a few things that they thought would fix it and then they shot it a few times at the shop to check it. Everything seemed good. I picked the bow up and took it shooting the next day and after about 50 arrows, the noise came back. We took it apart and lubed up the limb pocket thinking that would take care of the problem, no luck. Well if a little lube didn't take care of the problem.. yes, we took the bow apart and used a lot of lube, no luck. My son told me that I should just keep the bow and use it for duck hunting because it started to sound like a quack! I was told that nobody else had the problem and it was the first they had seen, I mean heard, of the problem. I will say that my shop was great and tried everything that we could think of to fix the problem and then just replaced the bow. So now I'm shooting another Insanity and hoping the same problem doesn't creep up on me, especially when I'm hunting!
I don't know if this is a common thing with Bowtech (I haven't owned one in 10 years) or maybe just with the Insanity, or if this was a one of a kind problem. I do like the bow and the way it shoots for being so fast. Hopefully the next time I write anything about the bow is when it's about shooting some animals and not calling in ducks..

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